Anti-Icing & De-Icing Operations Using Magic Salt

An anti-icing application will be applied at your property prior to the beginning of a winter weather event.  Anti-icing is the proactive application of magic salt to driving and walking surfaces, which helps to prevent snow and ice from bonding to pavement, and allows snow accumulations to be cleared more easily.  When used effectively, anti-icing can create some of the safest travel conditions during a winter weather event.  De-icing applications using magic salt will be applied at your property during a winter weather event when conditions of road surfaces become hazardous and at the completion of a winter weather event.  De-icing applications will also be necessary to treat melting and refreezing causing areas of black ice.  Magic Salt is a highly effective ice melting product that works faster and lasts longer than any other product available.  Magic Salt originates as ordinary rock salt, which is then treated with a liquid de-icing agent known as Magic Minus Zero.  Magic Salt continues to melt snow and ice to below -35 degrees Fahrenheit which will help to prevent refreeze, maintain bare pavement longer, allow for safer travel conditions, eliminate the need for sand, and is non-corrosive to metal, concrete, and pavement. 

All of us at All-Pro Snow Company Inc. would like to extend our gratitude to the professional team at L&L Services for their outstanding customer service.  Their ability to provide prompt and expeditious deliveries of bulk de-icing products has allowed us to efficiently and effectively service our clients during the harsh winter months. 

We would highly recommend L&L Services to anyone in the snow industry.   






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